Our Objectives

a) To promote the establishment of Regional Kennel Organizations, sports and working Dog Organizations, Parent/Breed-Specific Kennel Organizations and other similar Canine Organizations, in those localities where there are sufficient fanciers of the breed to meet and maintain in good standing, all mandated requirements for COBA membership.


b) To Join the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and other well-meaning International canine organizations with shared interests in the preservation and promotion of cynology throughout Nigeria and the world.


c) To facilitate an efficient performance improvement verification program, with key processes and guidelines to enable COBA meet and maintain in good standing, FCI membership requirements before, during and after the approved official site visit by the competent authorities of the FCI.


d) To recognize other FCI member countries and to foster and maintain strong relations with them.


e)  To recognize and register all FCI Breeds and to adopt the FCI breeds standards as COBA’s exclusive Breed Standards for All FCI recognized breeds.


f) To establish a National Canine registry as COBA’s official pedigree issuing and compilation database source for purebred dogs in Nigeria and to maintain a breed specific Studbook containing the biographical information, titles, championships and trial results of all Dogs registered with the association.


g) To urge COBA members and breeders to adhere to the standards and statutes of the FCI as the only standard for excellence through which COBA’s breed registry shall be effectuated, maintained and its dogs, exhibited and judged for the validity of quality and consistency within its breeding program.


h) To do all in its power to advance the working, obedience, herding and agility aspects of purebred dogs and to encourage dog owners and breeders to participate in them.


i) To organize regional and international, sportsmanlike canine related events and to conduct conformation specialty shows, breed evaluation tests, educational conferences and breeder seminars in Nigeria, under the rules and regulations of COBA’s Best Practice Guidelines.


j) To Establish a Diagnostic and comprehensive health screening program for all dogs registered in the COBA Registry.


k) To support public health educational counseling and similar initiatives centered early detection and reduction of genetic incompatibilities, through scientific canine research.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 l) To foster a judging education training program for eligible and qualified COBA candidates in accordance with the FCI judging system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

m) To consult with canine experts and trainers from across the world and to organize for local COBA trainees to travel abroad to complete certified training courses in canine development.


n) Establishment of dog training centers.


o) Organizing various training courses, which specialize in the welfare, training and handling dogs and issuing certificates for trainees.


p) Establishment of a charity curative dispensary for dogs.


q) Issuing a magazine or periodical bulletin expressing the activities of COBA and public awareness about dogs.


r) Establishing a web site to reflect more about COBA activities, news and goals.


s) Establishment of a Multipurpose Transportation Assistance program – acquisition of vehicles/fleet to help simplify COBA’s organizational outreach and day-today operations.


t) Organizing and sponsoring veterinary conferences centered around canine welfare and breed development with the help of regional veterinary professionals and vet. Specialists from abroad.