Continental Pointing Dogs, Braque – Group 7

Coats can range from short and fine to short and thick, mostly white, black or chestnut in appearance. Weight ranges from 40lbs to 62lbs and height from 22″ to 27″. Dogs in this category include the Bracco Italiano, and Hungarian Vizsla.


Continental Pointing Dogs, Spaniel and Griffon – Group 7

These dogs’ coats range from wiry and dense to smooth and thin, with a mixture of black, white and liver common. They weigh between 28lbs and 55lbs and grow to 18 – 25″ in height. Dogs in this section include the Wirehaired Pointing Dogs.


Pointers and Setters of the British Isles – Group 7

Pointer and Setters often have flat, long and silky coats, with white, tan and black common colours. They weigh between 40lbs and 80lbs and grow to 23-30″ tall. Dogs in this section include the Pointer, English Setter, Irish Setter and Irish Red and White Setter.