Scenthounds, Large – Group 6

Large Scenthounds have short, dense coats, and although some can be any colour, red, copper, white and a mixture of the three are common. Weight ranges from 62lbs to 110lbs, and height from 23″ to 28″. Dogs in this section include the Foxhound.


Scenthounds, Medium – Group 6

Medium-sized Scenthounds can be found with black, white and tan coats, with most short and dense. Their height ranges from 18 – 24″ and their weight from 35 – 55lbs.


Scenthounds, Small – Group 6

Small Scenthounds have short, smooth coats, usually a tricolour mix of black, white and tan. They typically weigh between 30 – 60lbs and are less than 14″ tall. Dogs in this section include the Basset Griffon Vendéen, and the Beagle.


Leash Hounds and Related – Group 6

These dogs generally possess white, red or black coats, often a mix of each, with a short and dense hair. Weight varies between 30lbs and 77lbs and height ranges from 19″ to 27″. Dogs in this section include the Bavarian Mountain Hound, Dalmatian, and Rhodesian Ridgeback.