Nordic Spitz – Group 5

These dogs usually possess thick coats, are black, white or a mixture of both. They weigh between 55lbs and 80lbs and grow between 15″ and 23″. Dogs in this category include the Finnish Spitz .


European and Asian Spitz – Group 5

European and Asian Spitz usually have thick, sometimes woolly coats. Colours can rage from white to red, black, sable, fawn and tan or a mixture. They grow to 17 – 22″ and weigh 40 -775lbs, although the Pomeranain, a much smaller dog, is also part of the category. It grows to 11″ and weighs 3-7lbs. Dogs in this category include the German Spitz, and Japanese Shiba Inu.


Primative Type and Native Non-FCI – Group 5

Colors can vary among Primative Types, with weight ranging between 21lbs and 59lbs and grow to 16-25″. The coats of Native Non-FCI Types, a category containing just the Austalian Dingo and Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, range from red to blue, weigh 30-42lbs and grow to 20-23.5″. Dogs in this section include the Canaan Dog, Thai Ridgeback Dog, Pharaoh Hound and Podengo Portugueso.