Pinchser and Schnauzer – Group 2

Pincher and Schnauzer breeds usually have a dark, smooth coat, although some can be grey or tan. The weight for dogs in this category varies, with some larger breeds weighing as much as 85lbs-135lbs and miniatures weighing between 8 and 15lbs. Dogs in this group include the Pinscher, Doberman, Schnauzer and Black Russian Terrier.


Mastiff Type – Group 2

Dogs in this category usually possess a short, smooth and thick coat. Their weight varies from 75lbs to 130lbs, with the typical height between 22″ and 30″. Dogs in this group include Boxer, Bulldog, Mastiff, Rottweiler and Dogue de Bordeaux.


Mountain Type and Swiss – Group 2

These dogs come in all coat colours, with hair that is usually smooth and in some cases resistant to weather damage. Weight ranges from 80lbs to 140lbs and height from 22″ to 34″. Dogs in this category include the Landseer, and the Newfoundland.